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About Ruby Lament

Ruby Lament, Electronic rock 'n rollRuby Lament is an electronic rock duo from Brooklyn, New York featuring Matt Ruby (vox, keys, guitar, bass, beats) and Matt Lament (guitar, keys, beats, sampler, backing vox). The two met in 2005 after moving to NYC at the same time — Ruby from Chicago, Lament from San Francisco. Soon after, they began DJing together at downtown venues and then decided to create their own tracks. The mandate was to make music that was 3D (dark, dirty, and dancey) yet still soulful. A few reference points: David Bowie, Brian Eno, Roxy Music, The Velvet Underground, T. Rex, Primal Scream, and Gary Numan.

"Circulation" is the duo's debut album. Ruby and Lament wrote, performed, and produced the entire album except for the two cover songs ("So Alive" was originally performed by Love and Rockets and "The Drugs Don't Work" by The Verve). Frankie Palmer played the pedal steel guitar on "Let's Change the Subject." The album was mastered by Ron A. Shaffer at Atlantic West Studios. For more information, email


"'Circulation' is a fantastic, seamlessly flowing collection of effortlessly cool and dark atmospheric songs, with a dancey heart beating through it. It's like an electronic twilight trip through the late sixties and early seventies accompanied by Lou Reed and Jim Morrison...Make Ruby Lament your favourite new band."
-Get Weird Turn Pro

"Music that falls somewhere in the space occupied by Gary Numan and Brian Eno and The Gorillaz. Only grimier — less slick, less top 40, less club ready...Take, for example, the fascinating cover of 'The Drugs Don't Work' by The Verve. There's enough of the original here that the source material is obvious, but Mr. Ruby's vocals add a rougher quality that augment the desperate lyrics. Definitely the best track on the record...The icing on the cake is 'Nuclear Night,' an 8+ minute crawl through a jungle of Gorillaz-like beats and blips — you know, a kind of raw, electronica blues anthem with Verve-style vocals...By about halfway through, I found myself entranced."
-Berkeley Place

"Sounds awesome. Bowie/Iggy/Berlin/dangerous seedy and seductive."
-Asian Mack

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